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How to find high-quality but censored websites

What Google won't tell you

The worldwide censorship striking unwanted content and information deemed politically incorrect continues to expand and has long since begun to seriously affect high-quality websites on the subject of health.

While we typically associate censorship with communist countries, dictatorships and the like, there's actually a much stealthier, more insidious, hidden form of censorship rife in democracies as well.

The internet used to be a platform where people were able to freely express their views and exchange their ideas but recent years have seen a massive clampdown in both the political and the health arena.

Websites discussing natural ways to preserve and recover health which due to the value they offer were previously highly ranked can now be made to "disappear" by a simple manipulation of search results at the "stroke" of an algorithm change.

Typically this will be accompanied by a boycott on Facebook and other social media owned by the same few data monopolists (which shall remain unnamed).

And this is exactly what happened to a number of high-quality "natural health" websites offering advice and information on health maintenance and recovery using natural rather than pharmaceutical and surgical means.

So if you still want to find uncensored health information beyond what Big Pharma and "Big Data" wish you to know and put your trust in, you have to rely on search engines that do not filter results according to a hidden agenda (typically involving financial interests). Such search engines include Duckduckgo, Ecosia, Bing, Yahoo, SwissCows and some others.

One of the health websites who have been hit particularly hard is www.healingcancernaturally.com. It has received accolades such as "lifesaver" and "best site on this subject ever" and is a very large labor-of-love site of nearly 1000 pages (and which has nothing to sell to boot).

It's also the largest English-language website on the subject of Dr. Budwig's diet and protocol (www.healingcancernaturally.com/index-budwig.html). Among other things it provides a very extensive Budwig FAQ (www.healingcancernaturally.com/index-budwig-faq.html) - currently 138 questions! - discussing the finer points of its implementation in daily life.

It also gives a voice to distinguished medical professionals who disagree with the "all drugs" and "all surgery" approach of mainstream medicine. It covers many essential subjects you'll likely never have heard of. Read for instance “Should I Really Be Tested for Cancer?” (www.healingcancernaturally.com/cancer-testing-screening-risks.html) and "Cancer overdiagnosis and overtreatment: misdiagnoses and false positives abound — do be aware!" (www.healingcancernaturally.com/cancer-overdiagnosing-overtreatment-caveat.html).

And lest you think that there is insufficient scientific evidence for the value of plants, natural compounds and naturopathic approaches in fighting serious diseases: healingcancernaturally.com gives ample space to peer-reviewed research proving beyond a shadow of a doubt just how powerful these agents are in helping us to both maintain and recover our health.

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