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Multiples Myelom (Plasmozytom) und Amyloidose 2a

Einige zusätzliche Infos für in der Originalsprache (englisch):


Present diagnostic (May 2007 report from Mayo clinic):

IgG kappa multiple myeloma / primary systemic amyloidosis

Verbal comments:

He remains in a very good partial response. We will continue with observation alone.

Laboratory impression:

Hemoglobin is up to 14.2 (worst 9.0 in April,2005 normal range 13.5-17.5)

Creatinine: 1.1 (worst 3.9 in April,2005 normal range 0.8-1.3)

The quantitative serum immunoglobulins are all within normal limits (they were abnormal in past).

Slight predominance of kappa free light chain at 4.84 (worst 864 in April 2005, normal range 0.33-1.94mg/dl)

IgG value: 1160 (worst 2540 in April 2005, normal range 600-1500)

Total urine protein (24 h collection) = 165 (worst 4325 April,05, normal range 0-150)

Special proteins: Small abnormality in gamma fraction.

Doctor recommendation: continue to do whatever you are doing. It is working for you !

Complications from myeloma:

Kidney failure in 2005 (urgent treatment with Dexamethasone and plasma apheresis)

2 colapsed vertebras – had vertebroplasty procedure without any result

As a result of stem cell transplant treatment:

1)      Gastritis  (a gastric bezoar of vegetable matter had to be removed from his stomach because his body could not receive any food) – due to multiple medication given

2)      Herpes Zoster (shingles) -  extremely painful and irritating  

3)      Short term Memory problems (from big quantity of chemo – melphalane)

4)      Depression, insomnia, lose of appetite

5)      Multiple infections, including in the blood vessels were the lines were inserted

6) More anemia, blood weakness and physical weakness

7) Loss of weight (over 20 kg)

My husband came home from hospital being transported by me and our son in wheelchair, and I had to install a lift chair for him in order to go up stair and vice versa.

He had to go in disability, it was no way to be able to return to work as an architect

His back pain was excruciating. At the worst, he was on morphine pills. When he’s got better, he was on Tremadol pills. Presently, he is on NOTHING  he can cut the grass outside and go up and down on our stairs.

He started partial Budwig protocol along with other supplements shortly after hospital, (Feb 2006) but it could not be implemented 100% because his inability to eat, vomiting and being just too sick. In time, he started to get better and better and his report from Mayo on May 2006 was very encouraging. (according with Pulmonary doctor, by that time Cony was supposed to be dead or almost there).

Right now,  his cancer is almost gone. Friends and neighbors, look at him and can’t believe it. There are no evident signs of his Amyloidosis disease in lungs. His oxygen level is normal and his breathing capability is normal. Although both of these diseases are very aggressive and the life span estimated by the doctors is very short, we have big hopes for the future. We already are ahead.. with about 1 year from doctor prediction.

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